Reflections (2020)
During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I was asked to record a performance from home for a virtual version of the performance night at Hammond Indiana's Paul Henry's art gallery.

Played by Noah Schlossberger

Blues in G (2018)
This (incomplete) composition is swung over the jazz style 12-bar blues.

Played by Noah Schlossberger

It's a Tough One (2017)
Named not for its chord progression but rather its fast, Charlie Parker - inspired licks, this composition aims to fuse bebop and gypsy-jazz elements over a simple 2-5-1-6 progression with a B-section inspired by the rhythm changes progression.

Played by Noah Schlossberger and Marshall Robbins

Le Désir d'une Âme Oubliée (2014) (PDF)
This duet for Cello and Piano dwells on the interplay between two passionate and yearning instruments, lonely calling out for each other.

Played by Pat White and William Woods


Chicago Blues Festival (2016)
I had the priveledge of playing with seasoned blues musicians at the annual Blues Festival at Grant Park in Chicago.