Controlling AD9959 DDS boards with Arduino (GitHub)

Digital direct synthesis (DDS) is a powerful platform for generating signals, and they can be controlled simply with SPI programming. Since Arduino offers a simple and inexpensive way to write SPI, it is a good candidate for programming the DDS boards. For this reason, I wrote a library for controlling the AD9959 development board with arduino. The advantage over the development software is that you can program in serial commands in Labview/Matlab/etc. to integrate the control into some other setup.

A GPU usage monitor for Radeon devices on Linux (GitHub)

Unlike Nvidia, Radeon does not allow for the standard drivers to be used with all distros of linux. Because of this, there is not a supported performance monitor availble for Radeon graphics cards on linux machines. By running radeontop and dumping usage data to a text file, I was then able to probe this textfile with python using the matplotlib library.

Album art and lyrics query planels for Google Play Music Desktop Player on Linux (GitHub)

While the unofficial Google Play Music Desktop Player offers many features, it has several issues. The show lyrics option takes over the whole window, so you can't do anything else such as media control while viewing lyrics. To address this I wrote a python script to get metadata from the currently playing song and display the lyrics and album art.